Wood Expressions by Reginald Stanley 

I am a self-taught wood worker who learned by trail and error. I began working with wood making furniture and toys when the grandkids came along. About twelve years ago, I started wood turning after going to a wood turning show in North Carolina and have been hooked ever since. Most of the wood I use are from firewood, local trees that have fallen or were damaged by a storm.

Wood turning is a creative outlet for me after working all week as a Bridge superintended. I can't wait to pick up a piece of wood and see what the end result will be. The grain, knots, cracks and splits all determine what will emerge. Most of  my bowls, stand, plates, and platter are oiled, waxed with a special natural beeswax and orange oil combination that my wife makes and buffed, making them food safe. Vases, boxes and decorative items may have several coats of lacquer to get a high sheen. I use a variety of finishes, but the wood used ultimately determines the finish.

After attending another wood turning show in Hickory, North Carolina, I was inspired to begin adding decorative texturing and dye to some of my pieces for a more attractive end result.


My name is Reginald C. Stanley Sr.

I am wood turner, born and raised in upstate New York (Marathon) and moved to South Carolina in 2000. I've been married 44 years to my best friend (Sheila); have two grown kids, Reggie and Carrie, and five grandkids. When I'm not in the wood shop on the weekends, am spending time with friends and family. I enjoy picking up my guitar and play a few tunes with my mother. I even play twenty years in a band when I lived in New York ( Oh! those early years!!)