Wood Expressions by Reginald Stanley 

My new Powermatic 4224B Lathe.

I needed a heavier lathe for turning green wood. So far it's been working great.No vibration and doesn't walk all over when turning larger out of round pieces of wood. The built-in vacuum chuck system is a big plus.

These next photo's are pictures of me green (wet) turning some sweet gum wood. First I turn the blanks round on a bandsaw, then I put them on the lathe and shape them into bowls. After shape, I use a one-way coring system to get more than one bowl from blank, usually three - four of difference sizes. Then we wax and stack the bowls to dry for four until six months, before they are dry enough to finish turning them and oil them up.

These other two photo's are pictures of our cake stands and bowls drying, waiting to be returned into the the finish product. Here we have  Ash and Black Walnut wood stacked up. Our cake stands are make from one piece of wood, no glue or screws are use.

Photo of me turning a Ash bowl on a Powermatic lathe, my other two lathes are Jets